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Mette Ilene Holmriis, Illustrator & Animator

Animator Mette Ilene Holmriis drew her first inspiration from 70ies Comics and still loves the struggle during her work process to create the final, perfect piece.

Hi, I’m from Denmark, my name is Mette Ilene Holmriis, I have studied animation workshop in Viborg, and I’ve been living and working in Berlin for 7 years this summer. I started at the animation workshop and I have a Bachelor degree in character animation.

Can you remember your first intense experience with design?
I don’t remember one specific experience, I think as a kid i loved animation, but I think that’s not so unusual, I think most kids really enjoy seeing animated movies. First time where I realized that it could be a lot more than kids entertainment, that’s when it really opened my eyes to the possibilities of animation. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I don’t think I had a specific dream, I don’t remember thinking that I could become an animator. When I was young I was really into Live Role play, which was deeply ironic because I was very shy and I hated being on stage, but because everyone was kind of part of it it was okay. What I really enjoyed was the creative scenarios and building characters and finding out what the strengths and vulnerabilities would be, their quirks and their ambitions. And I think that is still something that I really enjoy doing today and also something that I do a lot that in my professional life.

Your first design?
So when I went to my parents for christmas I found a drawing and I could really remember how I felt making this piece. So I was fairly nerdy when I was a teenager and I was really into this comic book artist from the 70’s, his artwork is fairly detailed. So I did a drawing that was based on his illustrations and it is a very large piece. I still remember spending hours drawing all the little details and I think I realized at this point that I have a lot of patience, which is good to have when you end up doing animation.

Your most embarrassing moment in your job so far?
I think I am not a person who gets embarrassed that easily. So at the moment I am working on a project and I am working together with a producer team in New York and a professor in Amsterdam.
And we are making a small educational film about animal genitalia. So we are emailing a lot back and forth with a lot of vaginas and penises and other very obscure reference material and I also think if anybody would look at my google search it would look fairly strange, but I think it is more disturbing for the people around me than it is actually disturbing for me. I just find it really fascinating.

Is there anything in your job so far what you made feel unsure?
I think you often have doubts and you also have maybe a creative meltdown or lots of points through my career where I thought this takes way too much time or it is not as good as I want it to be or I didn’t reach the level I was hoping for. It could be a million different things.

But I think at the end of the day if you just continue trying to making it better it is equally rewarding. All the pain and suffering you had during the process, when you are finally done and you have it there, the piece, you forget about it.

Which current trends in your profession are currently particularly interesting for you?
So I never decided to do 2D or 3D, throughout my career I have been sort of going back and forth, between the two. And what I personally found interesting, that the worlds are emerging a bit. So you see a lot more projects, where they sort of implement different media or use traditional animation and live action shootings, I think for me that is really interesting, to see where it is going. And also seeing that 2D is coming back in a more modern.., yeah that you just play with liquids and fluids, both in 3D and 2D, I think it is really good to see.