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Juan & Alejandro Mingarro aka. Brosmind, illustrators & artists

Brosmind are two illustrators and artists from Barcelona. Also they are brothers and share their creative journey from childhood to their colorful designs today.

Juan: Hi, we are Brosmind, we are the Mingarro-brothers and we are illustrators and artists based in Barcelona. 
Alejandro: In the studio it’s only the two of us. We are, as we said, brothers. We are not this type of illustrators that are all day with a sketchbook. We are just… we are already tired of drawing so we just really divide and separate the spaces. This is work, we have the studio and home is home. And I have got to say say that working with your brother is good but at the same time sometimes it’s really whoueeeww.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Alejandro: In my case I really wanted to work in a toyshop. There is this big mall in Barcelona. All over Spain there is Corte Inglés - it is this big brand and they have these floors only with toys. I think we both really loved the idea of working there. 

Juan: For some years, when I was kind of a teenager, I wanted to be a basketball player. But I’m not tall enough. 
Alejandro: Juan came from a small town into the NBA. Never happened.

Juan: No.

Your first design?
Juan: Our first comics and illustrations and inventions and stuff that happened when we were kids. 
Alejandro: I’m happy you have that question because I wanted to show someone this… 

Juan: It says childhood. And thanks to our mother, who compiled and kept everything. Those were the comic books we did when we were kids. As you can see this is an martial arts comic. The main character is called Kong. It’s full of action and really violent stuff.

What was your most intense moment in your job so far?
Juan: I remember one of them. Two years ago I think, we had to develop 1000 emojis for this app called LINE which is very famous for mobile devices for chatting. It’s like WhatsApp but really popular in Asia. They have a lot of emoji libraries. And we had to design 1000 for them. And it was crazy, because the timing was really tight. We have to create 20 emojis per day, every day during two month and a half until we reach the 1000. And it was a really tiring and crazy project, but also it was really nice. Maybe we are going to show you.

Alejandro: We have some here. It was really exciting. Can you see them?


Your worst experience in your job so far?
Alejandro: Our own existence no?
Juan: I don’t know. 

Alejandro: It’s hard. I mean, we are really shy people. We don’t really are super talkative people to big audience. And when we started doing talks - they started pulling us to do talks in different places. And every time the first five minutes when we go to stage it’s the worst moment, when we feel that we are super embarrassed. And everything is like: Man we gonna show all this work from the last ten years. What are people gonna say. And then is this really tough moment, before we are starting to talk or before we’re starting to see the peoples reaction. You feel really frustrated and embarrassed.

Is there anything in your job so far what made you feel unsure?
Juan: I think that insecurity for an artist is not a bad thing. It makes you try to get better and better all the time. Anytime we finish a project we think: Okay, it looks good. But after some time maybe one day or a week or some month, you don’t like it anymore. That looks ugly, that is too old… I think that’s a good sign, because it demonstrates that you are getting better all the time. Or in the middle of a project suddenly you start thinking: Oh, is this a good idea? Should we do this? Should we change everything? Should we stop this project right here? Then you start thinking and asking a lot of questions about everything. But I think in our case it’s a part of the process.

Alejandro: In this profession it’s really easy to maybe get a lot of money for a project and then you feel successful. Why? Because you just get a lot of money. But then you aren't really sure about your art. And then again you are like: Is this the right way? It’s this balance. And when you do a project that you are so proud of, it’s probably a project that you don’t get that much money. And then you feel like: Am I doing that right? Just put apart all the business and just… Oh man, it’s a lot of drama around.

Some words to future designers:
Juan: The most important thing is: Never stop producing new stuff. For example if you, at that moment, don’t have a regular job or you are not working for anybody, you have to start doing your own stuff. All the time producing knew stuff and put it into a kind of a portfolio, an online portfolio to show people what you can do. It’s very common at the beginning, when you work for a really important brand, you put that work into your portfolio. Because you think that’s really important, because it’s for that brand. But maybe you don’t like the style you did in that project. It’s really important to remove all that stuff you don’t like very much and show people what your real style is.

Alejandro: Somehow you gonna teach people what to ask for. You know, you gonna teach your clients, you gonna show them what to ask for. If you don’t show them what you want to do they will never come to you and ask for that.

Juan: You must be humble. And say yes to some projects if they have something good for you. Maybe they pay you well or it’s an interesting thing to know some people there or to be in touch with an agency. You just have to be clever and see what are the good things and the bad things of each project. You also never have to relax. For example your first big project and they pay you really well and then you say: I’m going to relax and take three month to spend this money and they will call me again. That’s not true. People forget about you really fast. So you have to always be there. Always working. Always producing new stuff.

Alejandro: Yeah. And insecurity is number one priority. People are already falling asleep...